Human Resources

Riverside County Fire Department County Human Resources Bureau

The County Employee Human Resources department handles the recruitment, new employee orientation and processing, benefits, leave management and acts as a liaison between the Fire Department Human Resources/Payroll and the County Main Human Resources Department/Auditor-Controller’s Office.

County Personnel serves the human resources and payroll needs of all current County employees within the Department.  Any interest in County employment can be found at the Riverside County's Human Resources page:

Riverside County Fire Department State Human Resources Bureau

Since 1946 the County of Riverside has contracted with the State of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) for emergency services.  This arrangement is the basis for the organization known as the CAL FIRE Riverside Unit (RRU) with the Riverside County Fire Department (RVC), an integrated, cooperative, regional fire protection system. 

CAL FIRE provides the seasonal and permanent full time staff assigned to every piece of emergency equipment in the County of Riverside.  CAL FIRE support staff assigned to the Human Resources office located at the Perris Headquarters is responsible for supporting the Department’s employees and management in the area of pay and benefits.  Because the infrastructure is state, most hiring for the Department is handled through statewide processes.  Information on a career with CAL FIRE is available on the link provided here:​