​Fire Investigation/Fire Prevention Bureau

Arson Hotline: 800-633-2836

The Fire Prevention Bureau is comprised of the following elements:

  • Law Enforcement/Fire Investigations
  • Hazard Reduction
  • Bureau Records

All Fire Investigators are Sworn Peace Officers under 830.2(G) of the California Penal Code and are POST certified. They are trained and certified in accordance with the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). CAL FIRE utilizes trained peace officers to enforce state forest and fire laws, and investigate fires. The enforcement responsibilities within the prevention program include fire investigations, criminal and civil case management citations. Fire Investigators have the authority to enforce all State, County, and Local laws and ordinances.

The Fire Investigation/Fire Prevention Bureau is staffed with one Battalion Chief, six Fire Captain Specialists, and one Joint Terrorism Task Force Officer. A minimum of two Fire Investigators are on-duty each day and cover all of Riverside County.

Fire prevention is important all year! The Riverside County Fire Department wants to remind everyone about Fire Safety and the importance of all families installing and maintaining smoke alarms in the home. Review Safety and Preparedness information provided on this site.

​For information on Fire and Incident Records or Fire Investigations:

(951) 943-4970 RRURecords@fire.ca.gov​

Fire Prevention

Homeland Security

Smoke Detectors

Checking your smoke detector

Your smoke detector is a round, white alarm located on the ceiling.

There is a small test button on the alarm which is usually colored. Push and hold the button for several seconds until you hear an alarm sound.

If after 15-20 seconds there is no sound, change the battery and then repeat this test.

Your smoke detector may be powered by any of the following sources:

  • Wired to the house wiring
  • 9-Volt Battery operation
  • 9-Volt Battery Back-up

Remember: Never reinstall your smoke detector without a fresh battery!

Law Enforcement and Investigations

Law Enforcement and Investigations

The CAL Fire/Riverside County Fire Department's Law Enforcement and Investigations Bureau is staff with:

  • One Battalion Chief
  • Six Fire Captain Specialists
  • Two Office Technicians

The Battalion Chief and Captains are all sworn California State Peace Officers with specialized training in fire origin and cause investigation. CAL Fire Investigators respond to all types of fire scenes, and conduct criminal and civil investigations.

Cal Fire Investigators also conduct enforcement of Forest and Fire laws including those related to fireworks, fire area closures, and illegal debris burning. The Investigators issue citations for infractions, and arrest suspects for misdemeanor and felony violations of the law. Each investigator is also a member of the Riverside Arson Task Force and California Conference of Arson Investigators.

For information on Fire/Incident Records and Investigations call: (951) 943-4970

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program

Youth Firesetting - What you can do

CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department offers a Juvenile Firesetter Program for our community. This program was developed to provide an opportunity for families to work with our department and address any concerns regarding their children and fire. Our program starts with a child and parent interview to assess risk level and to develop a successful educational component. The program is broken down into three steps:

  1. Assessment - An Interventionist will schedule an appointment to meet with th parent and child in need. This initial meeting will comprise of an assessment for both child and parent, questionnaire, initial evaluation, and fire safety education. Children and their parent may be required to complete fire safety education materials, community service requirements, and/or visitation to Arrowhead Burn Center.
  2. Secondary Appointment - A secondary meeting will be scheduled to meet with the parent and child. During this appointment, the Interventionist will go over the initial assessment results. They will help determine why the firesetting is occurring, the risk level for future firesetting and how firesetting can be prevented in the future. Referrals to County Probation, Mental Health, and/or counselors may be provided to help assist in fire prevention.
  3. Additional Contact - Our Interventionists will continue to remain in contact with the child and parent throughout their rehabilitation and education process.
Youth Firesetting

CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department is proud to serve and work alongside:

  • ​Riverside County Residents
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Riverside County Probation
  • Riverside County Mental Health
  • Riverside County Schools

For more information please contact the CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department's Junior Firesetter Program:

(951) 238-3633



Important information if you are selling a property located in a high or very high fire hazard severity zone.


On and after July 1, 2021 when you sell property that is located in a high or very high fire hazard severity zone, you'll need documentation of a compliant Defensible Space Inspection.

Find out more by visiting the CAL FIRE Defensible Space Home Page .

Check to see if your home is located in a high or very high fire hazard severity zone HERE.

Request a Defensible Space Inspection HERE.