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Abatement Requirements and Instructions:



Unimproved parcels containing hazardous or flammable vegetation, including tumbleweeds, as defined in Ordinance 695 and Ordinance 772 shall be removed as indicated on the Notice of Violation and Order to Abate.  Please refer to the information below for reference:


Vacant Parcels adjacent to Roadways


Vacant Parcels adjacent to Roadways, Structures and other Vacant Parcels 



If you receive a Notice of Violation and Order to Abate and you need further assistance, please call 951-943-0640.  A Fire Prevention Technician can assist you in eliminating the fire nuisance and make your property fire safe.


If you have abated the fire hazard prior to or within 30 days after receiving the Notice of Violation and Order to Abate, no further action is required. 

We recommend property owners take "before" and "after" pictures of abatement as well as contact the Hazard Reduction office when abatement is completed at (951) 943-0640.  


Each year, CAL Fire/Riverside County Fire Department responds to wildland fires caused by improper equipment operations.  Many times it is the property owner and/or equipment operator who cause these fires.  All fires negligently caused by improper equipment operations are costly and operators of said equipment will be held liable for the cost associated with fire suppression.  These fires are preventable by following the guidelines on proper brush clearance and equipment use and safety.