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 Geographic Information Systems



Scope and Services: 

Riverside County Fire Department GIS is a community leader in providing full service, professional, geographic information services to support and enhance the effectiveness of department decision making.


Maps, data, and analysis produced by Fire GIS allow department decision makers to consider and visualize important factors about emergency and non-emergency situations via products that are simple to understand and easy to communicate with others.



The Roads Model:

The Riverside County Fire Department in cooperation with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection works closely with State, County, Cities, and Local Agencies to ensure the accurate and timely maintenance of the road system model.
One way current information about roads is collected through the use of an internet map server IMS. Stations and field personnel can "mark up" an online map from their station computer and submit any address or road changes to Fire GIS at headquarters. The roads model is then changed by the GIS staff in response to these requests via the IMS system. This results in better service to the department and the community that we serve.




Special Services: 

Fire GIS also developed an information system to disseminate incidents statistics information over the internet. Fire personnel are able to view 911 calls based on various criteria by yearly, monthly and daily incidents according to their responding Battalions, Stations, etc.  It also provides a facility to look at the geographical distribution of the incidents on a Map.




Fire GIS Support Staff Activities:

GIS Staff can be assigned to any emergency incident that requires the tracking, communication, or display of geographically significant information. Natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake or other disasters such as weapons of mass destruction or nuclear/biological terrorism require the collection, analysis, and display of the geophysical and human factors involved. Information processed by Fire GIS helps to discover data trends/relationships and bring information together in a way that helps emergency managers make better informed decisions based on the best available data.