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The Applications Section of the Communication/Technology Division works closely with Riverside County Fire Department's Communications, Information Technology and Geographical Information Systems groups.  This ensures that all our projects benefit from integrated technologies.


Applications section is responsible for:

  • Review, Recommendation and Implementation of any off-the-shelf Software products
  • Design, Development, Training and Support of Software and Interfaces
  • Statistical Extraction and Reporting of vital information


Recent Projects completed or in process by the Applications Section are the:

  • Records Management System Modules RFP Project
  • Riverside County Fire Department Internet
  • Riverside County Fire Department Intranet
  • Riverside County Fire Department Integrated Statistics Project
  • Inventory Tracking Systems
  • Operational Staffing System Upgrade


Projects are undertaken with excellence in these areas as a goal-set:

  • Customer Service
  • Quality Results/Accuracy
  • Standardization/Global Vision
  • Efficiency/Productivity
  • Elimination of Redundancy
  • Risk Mitigation​