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EMS Bureau

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is a vital Fire Department function.  It focuses on providing out-of-hospital care
 transport for patients with illnesses and injuries that the patient believes constitutes a medical emergency. The aim of EMS is to provide treatment to those in need of urgent medical care with the goal of either satisfactorily treating the problem, or arranging for timely transport of the patient to a local hospital emergency room. Fire-based EMS response units assist with technical rescue operations such as extrication, water rescue, and search and rescue operations.

Riverside County Fire, EMS Bureau:

The EMS Bureau is a part of the Support Services Division and is responsible for ensuring that Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provided by the Fire Department meet and exceed the standard of care in accordance with applicable laws and protocols. The EMS Bureau's primary objective is to promote the highest quality of patient care by providing EMS personnel, support and resources necessary for optimal field performance.
Duties include:
  • Medical quality control and improvement
  • EMS continuing education oversight
  • Equipment supply and maintenance
  • Liaison to County EMS and health agencies
  • Community awareness and education
The EMS Bureau is divided into three functional areas:
  • Administration
  • Supplies/Equipment
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
The Riverside County Fire Department EMS Bureau office is located at: Clark Training Center (CTC) at 16902 Davis Avenue, Riverside, CA 92518. (951) 571-8622