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​Media Tips

  • Make sure that your press credentials are in plain sight
    If you are not in a well-marked vehicle or carrying a large video camera with your station's logo on it, have some press credentials hanging around your neck or something that tells us who you are. CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department personnel want to cooperate with the press as much as possible. We realize that you have a job to do, and we will help facilitate that as long as you are not in the way of our operation. We know that you want to cover the story, not become a part of the story.
  • Locate the Incident Command Post and Public Information Officer
    The media is encouraged to contact the Riverside County Fire Department Call Center at (951) 940-6985 to find out the location of the incident command post (ICP). Depending on the emergency, the ICP could be the hood of a pick-up, at a mobile command post, or at an established structure; such as a school. You should be able to locate the Incident Commander (IC) or Public Information Officer (PIO) at or near the ICP. CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department's goal is to post and update newsworthy incidents to our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages by searching @CALFIRERRU. In the event of a significant incident, we will also post incident information to the website ( on our Incident Fact Sheet page. The Public Affairs Bureau is covered 24/7 (on-call after hours, weekends and holidays).
  • Gaining close-in access to the scene
    Generally, you will be have unlimited access to an emergency scene. The only reason a fire department in California can limit the media's access is to prevent the media from interfering with the firefighters ability to do their job. This may limit access to remote areas with narrow roads. We will make every effort to establish an escorted or pool reporter access to the area. Law enforcement may limit access to a scene to preserve evidence. You are permitted to shoot video of any situation that is in public view. Firefighters are not allowed to grant the media permission to enter private property-that must come from the property owner.