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 CAL FIRE Insignias




In the early days of North American fire departments, orders were given to the troops by officers through the use of a large brass device called a “Bugle” or speaking trumpet. Many Fire Departments, including CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department, use the "bugle" insignia to denote rank. The insignia can be found on the uniform shirt collar and on the front of the structure helmet.
  • Firefighter I or II- No insignia on the uniform, a "scramble" on the helmet front.
  • Fire Apparatus Engineer - Single silver bugle
  • Fire Captain - Double silver bugles
  • Battalion Chief -Two crossed gold bugles
  • Division Chief - Three crossed gold bugles
  • Deputy Chief - Four crossed gold bugles
  • Fire Chief - Five crossed gold bugles

Helmet Color

CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department utilizes a color-and-marking system so that the rank of firefighters can be identified by their helmets.
  • White - Chief Officer
  • Red - Fire Captain
  • Yellow with red stripes - Engineer
  • Yellow with black stripes - Firefighter
Paramedic firefighter helmets are marked with a rocker indicating "paramedic"
The firefighter's names will be on the back of the helmet. The station assignment will be centered on each side of the helmet.