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 Earthquake Preparedness




On average, a damaging earthquake strikes somewhere in California every two years.  Many damaging quakes have hit Southern California, affecting Riverside County.  


Recent severe quakes in Southern California include:



​Date ​Name ​Magnitude
February 9, 1971​ ​Sylmar Earthquake ​6.6
​July 8, 1986 ​North Palm Springs Earthquake ​5.9
​April 22, 1992 ​Joshua Tree Earthquake ​6.1
​June 28, 1992 ​Landers Earthquake ​7.3
​June 28, 1992 ​Big Bear Earthquake ​6.3
January 17, 1994​ ​Northridge Earthquake ​6.7
​October 16, 1999 ​Hector Mine Earthquake ​7.1


You can be better prepared for earthquakes by reviewing and using resources on this page.